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Wedding Invitation Budget

26th Sep 2012

Order of Service - FootprintsWe cater for lots of different budgets with our wedding invitation ranges, with styles including foiled invitations, die cut or laser cut invitations, embossed invitations, personalised invitations and many more besides. Most styles are available with all matching stationery items including wedding invitations, evening invitations, order of service, RSVP, Thank you cards, Menus and Place Cards.

Lots of our invitations have more than one finish applied but with our minimum order of only 25 invitations or any other stationery item it doesn't mean they will be much more expensive, we pride ourselves on being able to meet your wedding invitation requirements within budget and without compromise to any of our luxury quality or service.

We also have a bespoke wedding invitation service where we work with you to create what's in your minds eye so you get the wedding invitations YOU want which also means they will be unique only to you, so if you want your names or initials embossed on the invitations or personalised vows foiled on the front we can do it.

Example: We did a personalised invitation for a couple who love hiking in their spare time so they wanted the pattern of the sole of their walking boots laser cut into the invitations.

The Wedding Season

12th Sep 2012

People always ask us about when the wedding season is ... well typically most people will say April - October, but why ?? at WISP weddings we say it's your special day so pick the date you want, get your wedding invitations and other wedding stationery ordered and forget about the so called wedding season.

Some couples will set their wedding date 3 years in advance and others will just throw caution to the wind and get married 3 months after getting engaged, some couples want a summer wedding and others a winter wedding, while some will want to jet off to foreign shores for a sunny beach wedding.

(Remember to check if there is a tropical storm season !!)

Depending which of the above best suits your wedding plans will have an impact on what you will have time for, if you are planning a wedding a year or more you will have time to order all of the stationery you want including Save the date cards, Invitations, Order of Service, Menu, RSVP and Thank you cards. However 3 months doesn't really leave you the luxury of time for stationery items like Save the date cards so you'll have to plump for just the essentials like Invitations and Reply cards. Likewise with the foreign weddings the most common thing is to order some personalised Invitations to send to people to invite them before you go then leave all the rest for the wedding planners to arrange at the destination.

Just remember from January 1st - December 31st we are here to take the stress out of your Wedding Invitation stationery order so if it's straight from the website or a bespoke order we will not let you down.